Nu-Line Guns, Inc. is a corporation founded in 1949. Continual growth has made it necessary for us to move to larger facilities 3 times. We our are now in a 7,000 square foot building in the small town of Rhineland, Missouri and again is bulging at the seams.

It is our intention to produce quality work and parts for the shooter and gun industries.

We pride ourselves in the high level of quality workmanship that our gunsmiths do here at Nu-Line. We have a stringent hiring process for the gunsmiths here, and they have a combined experience of over 150 years. Here at Nu-Line we also have a final inspection department that goes over every gun inside and out before shipping to insure the quality we have talked about. All of the staff at Nu-Line Guns own and shoot guns, and most hunt, including our office staff. They are dedicated to wildlife preservation, hunting and shooting sports, gun safety and the firearms industry in general.

Over the 57 years that we have offered gunsmithing, we have developed specialty machines, tools and techniques to service your gun properly. We are known to have taken jobs that most other shops turn down.

We specialize in Winchester guns, but will work on most high quality guns.

Our in-house machine shop with over 35 powered machines is currently producing over 350 after-market parts, which have become unavailable since factories stopped producing them. In this way we can keep some of the old guns shooting for years to come.
Nu-Line serves the firearm industry in three capacities.


Our oldest department is our Gunsmithing department with a combined Gunsmithing experience of more that 150 years! Our belief is of the old world tradition “WHERE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT THE FIRST TIME IS THE BEST WAY TO DO THE JOB”. Our motto is “OLD WORLD CRAFTSMANSHIP WITH MODERN TECHNOLOGY.”

Parts Distribution

Our parts distribution center carries parts for most manufacturers for which we repair firearms. We have an inventory of more that $15,000,000.00 and it’s still growing! The majority of our parts orders are shipped within 24 hours of the time that the order is placed. We have the largest in depth inventory of Winchester gun parts in the world.


We are very proud of our production team that specializes in manufacturing screw-in choke tubes that fit a variety of manufacturers in different choke sizes and series. They are also skilled in producing obsolete gun parts. These parts are primarily for Winchester firearms, but our full-fledged machine shop can produce almost any part needed. We currently produce over 350 after market parts and the list is growing.